This Week in Audience: The Trump Era Will Force The Arts To Define Its Audiences; The Stories We All Respond To…

This Week: The Trump victory forces theatres to figure out who its audience is… A classic example of starting small in Kenya and developing a demand for books… How did an 80-year-old self-help book get on this year’s bestseller list?… The six stories to which we all respond… Authenticity and an unlikely concert venue.

This Week’s Top AJ Stories: Does Pittsburgh Symphony Strike Settlement Solve Anything? Should Arts Funding Be Dependent On Encouraging Bad Behavior?

This Week: Did settling the Pittsburgh Symphony strike just kick the can down the road?… The idea of progress is a fragile (and recent) notion… Why should this arts funding depend on encouraging bad behavior?… The art establishment is caught in an increasingly high-stakes investment battle… We celebrate reading – but has the dissemination of ideas and knowledge moved on?

This Week’s AJ Highlights: “Hamilton” Teaches The Art Of Protest, At Last Some Real Data On Orchestras

This Week: That Mike Pence goes to “Hamilton” story? A textbook protest… Finally – some real data on the health of orchestras… Arts criticism is either being reborn or it’s in dire shape… Pop culture is getting to be only for the rich… The myth of the outsider is a standard pop culture meme…


This Week’s AJ Highlights: Divided Culture, Audience Issues, Hope From Lin Manuel Miranda

This Week: Hard to imagine there are arts headlines to compete with election news, but here goes: Science tries to explain why we’re ideologically segregated… It’s not just politics – arts and entertainment don’t really know what their audiences want… Even the most-respected arts coverage is being cut back… Infighting on the jury of the National Book Awards point to how deeply we’re divided… To end on an upbeat note, read Lin Manuel Miranda on the power of arts education.

This Week In Understanding Audiences: Interactive Theatre, Arts Video And Artificial Intelligence

This Week: Theatre used to be more interactive – can it be again?… There’s an awful lot of arts video out there – but what do audiences want?… Can you shame an arts organization into being more diverse?… More orchestras are getting out of their concert halls… Can artificial intelligence connect us more closely to art?

This Week’s AJ Highlights: Ominous Orchestra Results? New Arts Journalism? Accountable Algorithms?

This Week: Record ticket sales at the Chicago Symphony but still a budget problem…Wall Street Journal cuts arts coverage and Boston Globe gets a subsidized critic…Why did Shakespeare’s Globe fire its director?…Two cities on opposite sides of a border, share common arts culture… Who will hold intelligent machines accountable?

What We Learned About Audiences This Week: An Uber For Classical Music? Threats To Our Attention Spans

This Week: Live classical music on demand, in your living room!… Is being always connected killing our ability to follow complex art?… The Smithsonian Wants your money to preserve Wizard of Oz ruby slippers… Researchers say it’s probably alright to let babies play with screens… Alvin Ailey company engages audiences in its second home in a charged way.