Ten years ago the Alvin Ailey Dance Company was in the red. A decade into Judith Jamison’s direction, now it’s got the largest budget of any modern dance company and popular and critical success. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that Judy is the principal reason that Ailey is one of the few modern-dance companies that’s survived the death of its founder,” says Ailey board president Henry McGee. – New York Magazine


The New York City Ballet musicians strike is over, but the issues were legitimate. Says a former board member on the state of the music: “Ugly sound, wrong notes, missing notes have become increasingly familiar. The musical direction has grown slacker and slacker – it’s no secret that the company has been unable to hire a strong new musical director because of the absurd rules and attitudes that have come to govern the orchestra’s performance.” It was time to confront the issue. – New York Observer


Siobhan Davies was given four weeks to create an opening piece for the Royal Ballet’s reentry to Covent Garden. “While the Royal Ballet is badly in need of new ideas and fresh choreography, Davies was a strange choice. Barefoot, weighted and understated, her choreography is a wriggly, dense, slippery kind of calligraphy in which the entire body seems to slither in a constant motion that you can never quite freeze in your head.” – London Telegraph