After 2½ Years Out Due To Injury, David Hallberg Is Returning To The Stage

Ankle surgery in 2014 has kept him out of commission for quite a while, so he’s giving his repaired foot a test run next month – a long way from the hubs of the world’s dance media. (He told the New York Times he wants to “just step onstage quietly here and see what transpires.”) Of course, now that a Sydney journalist has broken the news, the world’s dance media will probably flock there to watch.

Philip Johnson’s Crystal Cathedral In Southern California Was A Masterpiece – Now It’s Being Reinvented

“It is surprising that any architect — and especially one with as much understanding of Philip Johnson’s basic philosophy as Scott Johnson — could support the idea that gravitas and the Crystal Cathedral are even the slightest bit compatible. The building has far more in common with the nearby Matterhorn at Disneyland, the Biosphere in Arizona or the domes of Buckminster Fuller than with any cathedral in Europe.”

What Is Donald Trump’s Definition Of Good Art? And Will He Have Impact On Art?

For Trump, good art is an expensive hotel. When he announced his plans for the Donald Trump hotel in Washington DC three years ago he said: “Friends of mine, they spend these ridiculous amounts of money on paintings. I’d rather do [hotel] jobs like this, do something that the world can cherish and the world can see and that everyone can truly be proud of.”

Should Theatre Be “Safe” As Mr. Trump Suggests? How About Pushing Political Agendas?

“The very presence of Mr. Pence — whose views on immigration, like those of Mr. Trump, are anything but celebratory — at this particular show (one previously embraced by the Obamas and Clintons) would seem to signal that an unspoken debate was going on that night. In that case, wasn’t Mr. Dixon belaboring the obvious in delivering the statement prepared by him and his associates (including Mr. Miranda)? Was what he said a condescending equivalent of supertitles for the inferentially challenged?”