Violinist Henry Meyer, 83

The former violin prodigy built a distinguished musical career over 40 years as a founding member of the celebrated LaSalle Quartet, the first quartet-in-residence at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. “He has students all over the world. The sincerity with which he taught, his passion for music and for life – he’s just an unforgettable human being,”

Eyring Leaving Mpls Children’s Theatre

“Teresa Eyring, managing director of Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, has been named executive director of Theatre Communications Group, the national service organization for nonprofit theaters… The CTC was recognized with the 2003 Tony for Outstanding Regional Theater. The largest youth theater in the nation, CTC’s annual budget has nearly doubled, to $11 million, during Eyring’s tenure.”

Partying For Art

You can often measure a city’s art scene by the number of parties, galas, and other hoity-toity social events built around it. L.A. has never been much of an “art party” town, but lately, that seems to be changing, as art and artists become the focal point of a diverse array of events. “Changes in the art world social milieu may reflect a larger cultural shift… All the partying is great for art. It plays an important function. At the heart of great art is great social energy.”

They Say The Music World Is Small, But… Wow.

A rare Eugenio Praga violin that was stolen in Montana from Turtle Island String Quartet violinist Evan Price has been recovered intact in a police sting operation in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. “The violin was feared gone forever because, as with the art world, legitimate instrument buyers want documented provenance and the black market is hard for inexperienced thieves to access. In this case, the would-be seller phoned a dealer thousands of kilometres away and had the misfortune of finding a personal friend of the instrument’s former owner.”

Canadian TV/Radio Strike Likely

“The union representing 21,000 film, television and radio workers across Canada said early Thursday a major labour disruption could be a few days away. Talks between the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, or ACTRA, and the producers’ organization broke down late Wednesday… The union’s main contentions centre around wage increases and the use of performances on the internet.”

Hollywood Invests In Africa (Sort Of)

Brangelina jokes aside, Hollywood has done awfully well by Africa of late, shooting several hit movies there at cut-rate prices. And while some have accused the movie industry of exploiting poor Africans, some in the industry have attempted to return Africa’s hospitality with trusts, technology upgrades and other measures designed to combat the extreme poverty that plagues much of the continent.