Bollywood To Revisit Mumbai Attacks

“Filmmakers in this hub of Indian cinema are already exploring how to bring the trauma of the deadly three-day siege of Mumbai to the big screen… Bollywood stars have responded cautiously to the Mumbai attacks, even though filmmakers were eager to draw audiences back to the theatres at a time when the industry was already hit by global economic woes.”

Broadway Going Dark, One Venue At A Time

“One after another, high-profile Broadway productions have been announcing that come January, they will breathe their last… Factoring in holiday shows and star-driven limited runs of straight plays that already had been programmed to end, about a dozen Broadway houses are to go dark — an exodus of several million dollars in weekly ticket revenues, and one of the largest mass exits in one fell swoop in memory.”

Nutcracker Apparently Not Recession-Proof

“If The Nutcracker is in trouble, then things are really looking bad. At least two of the nation’s ballet companies have reported poor sales for that Christmastime staple, a major source of income in the dance world, and are cutting back. The problems are a reflection of the difficulties the recession is causing for performing arts institutions.”

Vilar Locked Up Pending Sentencing

Alberto W. Vilar, who was a major benefactor of American orchestras and opera houses, “was sent to jail on Thursday. Convicted of 12 counts related to securities fraud on Nov. 19, Mr. Vilar had been free on bail pending his sentencing March 20. But federal prosecutors argued that Mr. Vilar was a flight risk given the prospect of a lengthy prison term and what they called his penchant for lying and stealing.”

It’s Actually A Pretty Terrible Life

It may be a classic holiday film, but Wendell Jameson says that It’s a Wonderful Life is anything but an uplifting tale. “[It] is a terrifying, asphyxiating story about growing up and relinquishing your dreams, of seeing your father driven to the grave before his time, of living among bitter, small-minded people. It is a story of being trapped, of compromising, of watching others move ahead and away, of becoming so filled with rage that you verbally abuse your children, their teacher and your oppressively perfect wife.”