New House, Different Rules At Victory Gardens

Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater “gets pigeonholed as a ‘mom-and-pop’ operation. But now this family has a big, newly renovated house up at the historic Biograph Theater that just emptied the piggy bank by $11.7 million (and counting). And it’s facing a whole different set of economic realities. So, will the family values stay the same? Only to a point, say the parents.” One of the coming changes may be a raising of the bar for the theatre’s stable of affiliated playwrights — an ensemble whose existence sets Victory Gardens apart from most American theatres.

Back To The 60s

There’s a revival of musicals from the 60s and 70s. Why now? “After raiding much of the Rodgers-Hammerstein canon of 1950s and 1960s hits during the past decade, and much of the ’80s Fosse and Sondheim output, too, a voracious Broadway revival market needs more new (old) blood.”

The Well-Connected Choreographer

Michael Clark is “the most extraordinary and extraordinarily well-connected dancer in modern Britain. Draw a circle between the Young British Artists, the more frayed edges of rock music, high fashion (Kate Moss is a patron) and serious classical dance (his other patron is Mikhail Baryshnikov), and you can find Michael Clark open-mindedly ensconced at any point.”

Music Industry Question Digital Rights Policies

“The major record labels by and large insist their music must have some sort of digital rights management protection before they’ll license it for digital distribution. Increasingly, the wisdom of this stance is coming under scrutiny. DRM, they say, simply forces consumers to buy hardware with proprietary technology that enriches software companies rather than artists or labels.”