The Remains Of The Day To Become A Musical

Says Kazuo Ishiguro, author of the original novel, “Steven Sondheim’s A Little Night Music shows you can set an unlikely story to music. … This is a small scale thing and I might feel more cautious about it if the film version hadn’t been such serious, faithful adaptation.  … There is comedy in the book and a musical could bring that out more.”

Decaying City Turns To The Arts For Salvation (This Time, In Central Russia, It’s Working)

“In a region once known best for producing rockets, petrochemicals and salt – and for incarcerating dissidents in Gulag prison camps – [the city of] Perm is banking on contemporary art, architecture and theater to overcome its weighty past. … The Russian media are already calling it ‘Bilbao on the Kama’.”

How The Proms Became A Powerhouse

“Their chief appeal is a reputation (est. 1895) for being ridiculously cheap. You can queue for standing room at 5 pounds or get in for less than half as much on a variety of season tickets. No other attraction, not even oldies’ afternoon at your local fleapit, offers nearly as much entertainment for so little money, and that’s without the inbuilt suggestion that the Proms are the best place in town to meet a single person of similar interests.”

Defending The Museum – Why Should We Give Things Back?

“Cultural institutions have been on the defensive for decades, poorly firefighting accusations of didacticism, elitism, colonisation and looting, with ill-thought through mumbling and evasion. Now more than ever, museums need to stand up for themselves. For instance, several North American museums were recently rocked by claims from countries including Italy that objects in their collections were acquired illicitly.”