Men Stick With Men

A study of what people read reveals that men are more likely to read male authors. “Four out of five men said the last novel they read was by a man, whereas women were almost as likely to have read a book by a male author as a female. When asked what novel by a woman they had read most recently, a majority of men found it hard to recall or could not answer. Women, however, often gave several titles. The report said: ‘Men who read fiction tend to read fiction by men, while women read fiction by both women and men.”

Vilar In Jail

“Alberto Vilar, a New York money manager and benefactor to that city’s Metropolitan Opera, the Los Angeles Opera and other leading cultural institutions worldwide, was arrested late Thursday and charged by U.S. authorities with stealing $5 million in client funds, which he allegedly used to pay bills and continue his philanthropy.”

Rebirth Of The Broadway Musical

“The resurgence of the musical as a creative form, evidenced in the length and diversity of West End queues, is no mere coincidence. Seeing several hits in close succession suggests a chain reaction, a common attitude. The Producers introduced a genre of self-mockery in which the action halts momentarily to reflect sourly upon itself. This hiatus device appeared at the NT as the so called Jerry Springer Moment and now, in Billy Elliot, as the episodes at the start of each act when the audience is exposed to the legend of British coalmining without the requirement of empathy that came with Daldry’s film.”

Star Trek Star Takes His Role To Internet Fan Film

A character from the original Star Trek TV show has agreed to star in an internet fan film that continues the series story line. “The actor’s appearance in the yet-to-be-made film, titled To Serve All My Days, is a watershed: it marks the first time in the internet age that a regular player from the much-loved show has reprised his role in a fan-produced project.”

Toronto Symphony Makes A Dramatic Comeback

A few years ago the Toronto Symphony was an organization in trouble. Then came a dramatic turnaround. “The upshot? Over a three-year period, audiences have risen by 25 per cent. There are now 25,000 subscribers and the orchestra sells 230,000 seats per season. More than 20,000 young people (aged 15 to 29) have been recruited to the new “tsoundcheck” program alone, offering them good seats over the Internet for only $10 a ticket. The price makes going to the symphony competitive with a first-run movie.”

Colorado Ballet Won’t Buy New Home

The Colorado Ballet has given up plans to buy a new home. “The decision comes a little less than two months after the ballet disclosed that it would not present the $800,000 to $1 million premiere of a ballet version of “Alice in Wonderland.” The work was to be part of the opening of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in the fall.”

Some Cliburn Demographics

This year’s Van Cliburn Piano Competition is a very international affair. But “of the 35 initial contestants, the largest group, 10, has graduated from or is still studying at New York’s Juilliard School. Seven are or have been students of Yoheved Kaplinsky, the Israeli-born chairwoman of the piano department. Four list Robert McDonald among their teachers.”

11 Ways To A better Brain

Okay – we’ve had doctors for a long time, and to be honest, a lot of the time they’ve only guessed at what makes us better. But more and more, they’re nailing down real answers to what makes our bodies work. So you want to build a better brain? Here are 11 things you can do to improve and retain mental health…