Huntington Gallery Gets A Makeover

“In an age of ever-expanding mega-museums, the restored gallery, which holds an exceptional collection of European art, stands out as a thoughtful alternative to high-design gigantism. When it comes to the essential character of an art museum, after all, there is a sweet spot between intimacy and impressive scale that the re-imagined house, at 55,000 square feet, comes remarkably close to hitting.”

Lee Siegel Versus The Blogosphere

“Critics worth their salt earn their reputations by taking on established taste, whether it appears in stuffy form, or – less obviously – as a kind of adversarial posturing. It amused and then exasperated me that, week after week, I was vilified online as arrogant, elitist, someone who was threatened by dissent, when, week after week, I was taking on the judgments of the New York Times, the New Yorker and other mainstream institutions.”

UK Artists Lobby For Extending Royalty Payments; Auction Houses Protest

“Britain’s artistic community is battling against leading auction houses and dealers to bring in a law forcing the payment of a royalty on artists’ works for 70 years after their deaths — in line with writers and musicians. Most auction houses and dealers are opposed to the law — claiming that it would have a devastating impact on Britain’s £8.5billion art market.”

A World View On Cultural Property

“In its statement Unesco asserted that ‘cultural property’ was part of the ‘cultural heritage of all mankind’ and deserved special protection. But the framers of that doctrine with its universalist stance would hardly recognize cultural property in its current guise. The concept is now being narrowly applied to assert possession, not to affirm value. It is used to stake claims on objects in museums, to prevent them from being displayed and to control the international trade of antiquities.”