Why Northwest Chamber Orchestra Folded

Why did Seattle’s Northwest Chamber Orchestra have to close? “A confluence of events forced the 33-year-old musical institution to draw its curtain. Chief among them, a decline in public funding of the arts and increased competition from other musical offerings. But the lion’s share of the blame lies with the orchestra’s history of dysfunctional leadership.”

Foster Tabbed To Design Moscow Tower

Moscow’s mayor has endorsed plans to build a 600-meter tower designed by Norman Foster. “City authorities are understood to have wanted a distinctive skyscraper that could become a landmark similar to Lord Foster’s “Gherkin” — the headquarters of Swiss Re — in the City of London. The development includes the 430m high Federation Tower, due to be completed in 2008.”

The Well-Adjusted Goth

A new study reports that Goths are pretty healthy people. “Most youth subcultures encourage people to drop out of school and do illegal things. Most goths are well educated, however. They hardly ever drop out and are often the best pupils. The subculture encourages interest in classical education, especially the arts. I’d say goths are more likely to make careers in web design, computer programming … even journalism.”

Rethinking The ‘Burbs

Is it time to rethink our perceptions of urban sprawl? “Does sprawl include exurbia, the outmost band of development, … the very low-density urban penumbra that lies beyond the regularly built-up suburbs and their urban services? Or is it the newly emerging suburban band of conventional subdivisions, golf courses, schools, and strip malls located closer in toward the city? If the latter is sprawl, is it logical to exclude older suburbs? Certainly at one time these older communities, even many of the most densely packed inner neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan, were themselves relatively low in density and suburban in character compared to what was the core of the city. Why wouldn’t they be considered historic sprawl?”

America’s Largest Free Jazz Fest May Have To Charge

San Jose’s summer jazz festival calls itself the “largest free jazz festival in the United States.” But that designation may be about to change. The festival may have to start charging: $5 a person for an all-day pass. “The reason for the charge: rising operational fees coupled with a loss of corporate sponsors Ford, Chevron and Applied Materials. The festival costs almost $1 million and, much to their disappointment, organizers said, only $60,000 comes from a city that has just designated $4 million for a car race.”

Internet – Not Just Mostly Men Anymore

“Once a medium dominated by men, the internet now draws approximately equal proportions of male and female users in the United States. Top search engines and portal sites draw about the same numbers of men and women. A recent Pew Research Center study found that men and women are about equally likely to go online to buy things, make travel arrangements or do their banking. Even so, it’s the differences between the sexes’ behavior online that intrigues marketers.”