On The Trail Of A Forged Biography

Robert Fisk was surprised when a friend sent him Fisk’s latest book about Saddam Hussein. There was a problem. “I never wrote this book. It wasn’t plagiarism – a common practice in Cairo, which is why I ensure that all my real books are legally published in Arabic in Lebanon. No, this wasn’t plagiarism. This was forgery.”

Source: The Independent (UK) 02/01/08

St. Louis Symphony: “We Hope We’ve Bottomed Out”

The orchestra finished its fiscal year with a $3,397,000 loss, “a little better than the $3,481,000 loss in 2006 but still a real problem. And although ticket revenue was up, the number of tickets sold was down by more than 9,000 on the core classical side, a total of 6.5 percent for the symphony’s basic business.”

Source: St. Louis Symphony 02/01/08

Grow Old With Me (But Where Are The Kids?)

“Graying audiences are a problem for nonprofit arts and entertainment groups nationwide, but the problem gets magnified in Allegheny County, the second-oldest big county in the country. Whether younger people will grow into arts patrons — the kind of people who will fill seats, buy subscription plans and kick in to fund-raising campaigns — is weighing on the minds of local arts professionals.”

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 02/01/08