New UK Culture Minister – Big Plans, But…

“Hardly one minute into the job and he is already talking of local film festivals all over the country, of artists, actors and musicians being appointed to the boards of our nation’s great arts institutions. And who can forget, since he himself repeatedly reminds us, that he was one of the architects of free admissions to museums when special adviser to Chris Smith in the 90s. Perhaps Burnham will even rustle up some government money to buy new art to put into those museums. Likely? Of course not.”

Source: The Guardian (UK) 01/30/08

Dallas PAC Boosts Funding Goal Just Because It Can

“The board of directors of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts announced this week that the project is being expanded, triggering an increase in its fundraising goal from $275 million to $338 million.” The project’s CEO said that the decision to boost the goal came after the realization that the center would easily meet the lower goal, and could afford to aim higher.

Source: Dallas Morning News 01/30/08

3 Locations, 3 Casts, One Play Connected

“In theory, it’s an almost revolutionary idea. There are three live audiences in three separate locations. There are three separate casts (about 30 actors on total), in complementary costumes. They’re all linked in real time using state-of-the art gadgetry and Internet2, a much faster version of the Internet available to higher-education institutions. If it all works as it’s designed, audiences in three locales would share a novel theatrical experience.”

Source: The Globe & Mail (Canada) 01/30/08