Hungarian Orchestra: We’re Folding

The Hungarian Symphony is on tour in Florida. But after a concert over the weekend, “conductor András Ligeti raised his hands to silence the applause and said that due to a loss of funding, the 100-year-old Budapest-based orchestra would be folding. He thanked the audience for their attention, asked them to retain the memory of this fine orchestra, then turned and led the ensemble in a final encore, the famous Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5.” Well, maybe not ‘folding’, but…

Sony Must Pay…

For damaging computers with its draconian anti-piracy software scheme last year. “The FTC said the software ‘exposed consumers to significant security risks and was unreasonably difficult to uninstall’. Under the settlement, Sony BMG must allow consumers to exchange affected CDs bought before 31 December 2006, and reimburse them up to $150 (£76) to repair damage to their computers.”

When Readers Get Vocal, What Happens To Writing?

“The Internet has turned what was once primarily a one-way communication into a dialogue — or maybe a melee. From a cultural perspective, the new democracy of voices online is a wonderful thing. But writers have an odd and ambiguous relationship with their readers, and the reader revolution is having massive consequences we can’t even foresee.”

The Wright Vision: Beautiful Middle-Class Homes

“One of the three Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the Puget Sound area is on the market, a perfect time to wander through it and wonder why its ideas are being neglected in this century’s thirst for reasonably priced, modestly scaled homes. … Wright remains conspicuously alone among A-list architects who actually have tried to improve the state of middle-class single-family homes.”