Could Gagosian’s Mega-Gallery Empire Survive Him As A Brand?

Gagosian’s mortality might even have a silver lining if he can tap the right successor. As Galloway writes, “Dying removes the icon from the inevitable judgment of everyday existence, including aging, and elevates persona to legend—ideal for a brand.” Just think: Louis Vuitton (the company) was founded in 1854. Louis Vuitton (the man) died in … Continue reading “Could Gagosian’s Mega-Gallery Empire Survive Him As A Brand?”

Tired Of That Mega-Gallery Experience? Smaller Galleries Get Creative About Where/How To Show

“We live in an era when much of what you read about are mega-monster galleries that are very rich and powerful, with tons of money and satellites. But that’s really only 5 percent of the market. The vast majority of galleries are small single- or double-venue operations that are looking for creative ways to extend … Continue reading “Tired Of That Mega-Gallery Experience? Smaller Galleries Get Creative About Where/How To Show”

NY Mega-Galleries Are Building Opulent New Homes, Redefining Galleries

In designing such new homes, these heavy hitters — Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth, David Zwirner and Pace, which is consolidating its spaces on the Upper East Side and West 25th Street — are redefining what it means to be a gallery, shifting their emphasis from selling and showing art to a more full-service visitor experience … Continue reading “NY Mega-Galleries Are Building Opulent New Homes, Redefining Galleries”

Battle Of The Mega-Galleries

“The Gagosian is one of an elite new breed of “mega-galleries”: emporiums of modern and contemporary art that are spreading across the world to cater to the tastes of super-rich collectors and showcase new work. Despite the characteristic atmosphere of calm, and all the beautifully mannered gallery staff, these venues are the backdrop for an … Continue reading “Battle Of The Mega-Galleries”

Are US Museums Safe From Mega-Heists?

The vastness of the nation helps to protect them. “Let’s say you hit the National Gallery — you gonna escape to Baltimore?” asks the founder of the FBI’s National Art Crime Team. “If you rob a museum in Philadelphia, where you gonna go — Camden? Countries in Europe are so close, and you have open … Continue reading “Are US Museums Safe From Mega-Heists?”

Huntington Gallery Gets A Makeover

“In an age of ever-expanding mega-museums, the restored gallery, which holds an exceptional collection of European art, stands out as a thoughtful alternative to high-design gigantism. When it comes to the essential character of an art museum, after all, there is a sweet spot between intimacy and impressive scale that the re-imagined house, at 55,000 … Continue reading “Huntington Gallery Gets A Makeover”

National Gallery Goes Digital

“Interactive displays have been a part of museum and galleries for about two decades but have rarely been successful at augmenting the whole visiting experience… [London’s] National Gallery hopes it can change all that with its new service ArtStart. Visitors can search the entire 2,300-strong collection of the gallery and view pictures that have been … Continue reading “National Gallery Goes Digital”

Danielle Steel Opens A Gallery

Mega-selling author Danielle Steel is opening a gallery in San Francisco. “She plans to favor work by lesser-known and younger artists. ‘Not necessarily chronologically young, but those who are really struggling with something.’ Steel anticipates skepticism and even ridicule in her new venture. ‘The first thing that was said about us came from San Francisco … Continue reading “Danielle Steel Opens A Gallery”