The Cinematographer Of ‘Mudbound’ (And ‘Black Panther’) Makes Movie History [AUDIO]

Rachel Morrison, the director of photography for Dee Rees’ Mudbound, is the first woman ever nominated for cinematography. That’s embarrassing for a stupidly sexist Hollywood, but no slight to the great Morrison, who was also the first woman to shoot a comic book movie: She’s been walking the walk for two decades. “Now I’m seeing many more women getting calls to do bigger films,” she says.

When Books Become Vessels Of Meaning They Weren’t Intended To Be

“What makes bibliomancy fascinating is that unlike other forms of divination, it trades in something which already has an interpretable meaning – words. Perhaps a butcher can figure out the narrative that a sheep’s liver conveys, but that The Aeneid, as indeed all texts, has a meaning requires no suspension of disbelief, even if the meanings which are being derived seem far from authorial intention.”

Duluth, Minn. Schools Drop ‘Huck Finn’, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ From Curriculum

“School administrators said the decision was made in an effort to be considerate of all students after concerns about the [racist terms used in the books] were raised over the years. The books are not banned, however, and will still be available for optional reading.” Said one high school English teacher in the city of To Kill a Mockingbird, “I think it’s dated. That book now to me reads like it was written to explain racism to primarily a white audience. My African-American population doesn’t need to have racism explained to them.”

Does YouTube’s Transition To Monetized Stardom Change Its Culture?

In the era of auteur-driven film and television, YouTube has always been a space for auteurs—or as they’re known online, creators—to maintain complete autonomy over their content. The transition from online platforms to traditional media may seem like a natural next step, but oftentimes taking that leap comes with immense risk. For online creators, the biggest part of that risk is loss of creative control.

Five Playwrights Making A Political Difference In Europe

For example, Marianna Calbari in Greece: A plethora of crises – economic, social and political – has fuelled the demand for theatre in Greece. In the midst of unparalleled austerity, the country still outstrips every other European nation in the number of theatres it has per capita. For Marianna Calbari, the playwright, director and actor who shot to fame at the height of the country’s crisis, the stage has been a refuge. “All theatre,” she says, “has the power of consolation.”

With Theatre Reviews Getting Cut Everywhere, How Will New Talent Get Discovered?

Lyn Gardner: “When reviewing space gets tight it is not the shiny, starry mainstream shows in the West End or at the National or the Royal Shakespeare Company that get cut, but the new, the unknown and the innovative.” Especially if those shows are at regional theatres: for a producer, “schlepping across the country and a night in a hotel may be worth it, if reviews by those you trust have alerted you to a company with a great show you haven’t previously heard of.”

Ava DuVernay And City Of Los Angeles Launch Program To Increase Diversity Behind The Cameras

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined filmmaker Ava DuVernay and producer Dan Lin on Monday to launch the Evolve Entertainment Fund, a public-private partnership aimed at creating new opportunities for communities that have been historically excluded from the entertainment industry. The fund plans to raise $5 million by 2020 to award grants to various entertainment industry organizations.”