Clever Baritone Works Out Way For Choirs To Sing Together Even Though Everyone’s Safely In Their Own Cars

As one bitterly disappointed singer posted on Facebook after the pandemic had ended all choir rehearsals, “Every time I hear someone go, ‘Hey, is there an app that can let me do a choir rehearsal with no latency?’ NOT UNLESS YOU BREAK PHYSICS, YA DUMMY.” Baritone David Newman replied, “Physics are not insurmountable.” And his solution requires only some inexpensive audio equipment available at almost any Walmart or Best Buy. – Los Angeles Times


After 20 years of work and expanding to 29 volumes, the New Grove Dictionary of Music – the world’s standard music reference work – hits this shelves next week. Editor Stanley Sadie expounds on how it was put together. – The Independent (UK)

DEFINITIVE UPDATE: With 25 million words, with more than 29,000 articles from 6,000 contributors in 98 countries, the New Grove is changing fast. – Sunday Times (UK)


The press beat up on London’s hapless Millennium Dome in 2000. But “if the Dome was vacuous or meaningless – as has been claimed by newspaper editors who spent this year filling their pages with articles about Nasty Nick and The Weakest Link – well, so are most of the 6.5 million people who attended and had a rare old time. Will posterity acknowledge their existence?” – The Telegraph (UK)