New report says that regional theater in the UK is in trouble. Access has been encouraged over quality with the result that in a few years there could be “a crop of new lottery-funded theatres with nothing to put in them because local authorities cannot afford to run them.” BBC

Source: BBC


One of this fall’s biggest hits on Broadway, the remake of “Kiss Me Kate” is a classic. Lois and Arthur Elias were entrusted with rights to the show by their close friend Bella Spewack, who wrote the musical’s book with her husband, Sam, in 1948. The Eliases have been fiercely protective of their charge. New York Times

Source: The New York Times


Musical hackers have been mining recordings to digitally remix music of all sorts and re-release it. Latest object of their affection – world music. Says one: “It is from such encounters that the most beautiful projects are born.” CBC

Source: CBC


Earlier this fall, prominent New York art dealer Mary Boone was arrested after her gallery gave out live ammunition accompanying a show by artist Tom Sachs. Her brush with New York’s legal system was a “kind of interesting adventure,” she says.   New York Times

Source: New York Times