Still very much a work in progress. Washington Post 12/30/99
Previously: THAT MISSING FIVE PERCENT:  When the musical “Martin Guerre” opened in London in 1996,  reviews were mixed, and its creators acknowledged it wasn’t working and went back to their studios. Headed to Broadway next year, the show is about to open in Washington DC, and looking, composer Claude Michel Schonberg says, for that last five percent to make it sing. Washington Post 12/29/99


Reconstruction of a crucial portion of Broadway has been rumored for two years. But now it looks like changes are afoot. Current tenants of the Judith Anderson, INTAR, Samuel Beckett, and Harold Clurman Theatres, four pillars of West 42nd Street’s Off-Broadway Theatre Row, are on month-to-month leases. The theaters may be virtually demolished in early 2000 to make room for a modern complex containing six new theatres topped by an apartment tower. Backstage


Distinctions between good and bad art have melted away. Arguably there is only interesting art – which grabs our imagination – and uninteresting art – which fails to do so. “The more that art generates thought, the more interesting it becomes. The more it ignites negative feedback and debate, the more notorious and sensational it becomes, the closer it approaches entertainment.” *spark-online


As a subject, the Renaissance should have made great TV. Just point and shoot the art, hire someone who knows about the period to write the script, and you’ve hooked your audience. Yet the BBC’s new six part series views like a “Travel Show” marathon. Yet again, “the BBC has demonstrated that it is incapable of delivering a serious program on the visual arts.”  London Telegraph