PROTESTS by Catholics and Christian fundamentalists –

– draw attention to “Dogma,” a movie about vengeful angels. It’s a “freewheeling, irreverent, disorderly and, above all, juvenile comic fantasy so sloppy, so silly and so puerile that it would have died quickly on the vine had it not become a stimulus for religious and political mouthpieces,” writes one critic.  Detroit News

     ALTERNATIVELY: Movie is a “celebratory leap of faith.” Salon 11/12/99


But popular culture – the raw, vulgar, greasily commercialized stuff disdained by artistic traditionalists and modernists alike. LA curator puts pop into traditional art spaces. His specialty is not public art, not political or gender-driven art, not multicultural art — often, it’s not even contemporary art — but pop culture and its “artifacts” as art.  New Times LA