You Stay Classy, Art World

“In many discussions about art, class is often the elephant in the room… There seems to be a lot of hand-wringing about access to the arts. [But] who are these schemes trying to attract?” More importantly, once the supposedly disenfranchised are attracted, what makes anyone think they would have any interest, having been denied any real sort of art education previously?

Selling To Buy In Seattle

The Seattle Art Museum is “aggressively pruning its American collection in the hopes that clearing out the weeds will make way (dollars-wise, that is) for better, bigger purchases… Obviously, the museum believes it can make headway in the department of cheaper and more available American art. Is that true? And does SAM have its eyes on a particular prize? The museum isn’t saying.”

Lam Wins Giller

Vincent Lam, a Toronto East General doctor who wrote a collection of short stories called Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures, wins Canada’s Giller Prize. “My parents came to this country when multiculturalism was just beginning to be acknowledged. As their son and as the second generation, I am proud to be here.”