Hair Of The Dancer

“During the mid-to-late 1970s, women on the cutting edge of choreography tended to hold equivalently radical views with regard to body hair, and a quite remarkable number of reviews from that period featured outraged references to unshaven armpits, coupled with wistful asides about the immaculate grooming standards upheld in ballet. Times and fashions change, along with political correctness. But hair does still mark a profound divide between ballet and modern dance – even if the focus has shifted from the women to the men, and from the body to the scalp.”

Heritage This

The whole “world heritage site” designation has become meaningless, writes Germaine Greer. “If ‘world heritage’ means anything, it should mean that the recovery of human history is not a matter for nation states, but for the international community. Rather than leaving it to the individual governments to struggle to produce the right kind of application couched in the current UN twaddle, together with the detailed maps and inventories demanded by Unesco, and then find funding to keep the sites intact, the survival of human heritage should be a global project.”

Prediction: CD Sales Down 50 Percent

A UK recording exec says CD sales will be half what they are now in three years. “We figure the value of CD sales will be 50% less in three years than it is now. We predict digital growth of 25% per year, but it is not enough to replace the loss from falling CD sales. By 2010 we will be 30% behind in terms of revenues. We have to reinvent.”