Classical Hot

Classical musicians are taking a cue from pop stars and spicing up their images. “There are so many talented people out there, but there’s not the jobs for the talented people, and there’s not the concerts for every talented person. You need to be special. You need to have something that that other person doesn’t have, and maybe it’s looks.”

Europe’s New Proletariat

“The main thing that sets the modern poor apart from the industrial age pauper is a sheer lack of interest in education. Today’s proletariat has little education and no interest in obtaining more. Back in the early days of industrialization, the poor joined worker associations that often doubled as educational associations. The modern member of the underclass, by contrast, has completely shunned personal betterment.”

Is YouTube A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen? (Like Everyone Says)

“Under the copyright code, YouTube is in much better legal shape than anyone seems to want to accept. The site enjoys a strong legal ‘safe harbor,’ a law largely respected by the television and film industries for the choices it gives them. But the most interesting thing is where all this legal armor protecting YouTube—and most of the Web 2.0 (user-generated content) industry—comes from. It’s the product of the Bell lobby.”

Getty Has A New Antiquities Policy

Rocked by claims it had purchased looted antiquities, the Getty establishes new rules for acquisitions. “The Getty’s new rules allow for buying pieces that were exported from their home country after Nov. 17, 1970. As long as they are accompanied by documentation, the export is legal. The November 1970 cutoff date was originally adopted by a United Nations convention to prevent the illegal trafficking of archaeological material.”