India’s Le Corbusier City Is Selling Off Its Corbusiers, Piece by Piece

Chandigarh was designed in great detail (down to furniture and manhole covers) by Le Corbusier according to his own master plan. Now “the purpose-built furniture that once filled the city’s chic public spaces is being systematically sold off in the auction rooms of London, New York and Paris.”

Source: The Independent (UK) 10/25/10

Chad Deity and Ragtime Lead Chicago’s Jeff Awards

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, a wrestling-themed drama by Kristoffer Diaz, scored a knockout Monday night at the 42nd annual round of the Joseph Jefferson Awards,” taking five trophies. “The Jeff Committee … also liked the Drury Lane’s production of Ragtime, which sashayed to eight Jeffs, the most of any show this year.”

Source: Chicago Tribune 10/25/10

The African Religion That Dare Not Speak Its Name

“There is a great thudding taboo in any discussion of Africa. Western journalists and aid workers see it everywhere, yet it is nowhere in our coverage back home. … The suppressed topic? The African belief in spirits and spells and ancestors and black magic. … They are at the core of many Africans’ understanding of themselves and the world.”

Source: Slate 10/25/10

The Importance of Angels in America: Playwrights Speak

Sarah Ruhl: “Tony Kushner made people feel that going to the theater was a way of engaging in this incredible aesthetic, political, civic, historical event.” Lisa Kron: “Angels put us at the center of the intellectual universe as gay people.” Doug Wright: “What Tony did was write a play where being gay was a metaphor for the whole human experience.”

Source: New York Times 10/25/10

Gary Shteyngart, Back in Russia

“While [he] is a rising literary star in New York, he is a nobody in Russia, selling fewer translations of his books here than in Belgium. … Russia does not like to celebrate the achievements of its wayward sons, often eyeing them with suspicion and even envy. Mr. Shteyngart said that some of the reviews of his work by Russian critics could be summarized as ‘Balding traitor betrays homeland’.”

Source: New York Times 10/25/10