What Happened To Great Magazine Covers?

“It is one of the great signposts of the modern world, the wall of magazines to be found in every newsagent, in every railway station, and in every library in Britain, but in recent years these displays have become torture racks, revealing everything that is mean and cynical about how we live. It’s hard to believe those covers were once the repository of things gracious, beautiful and imaginative.”

Where Are The Hot New UK Playwrights

“Which, if any, current playwrights might become household names in years to come. Alongside Harold Pinter, the 1950s and 1960s brought a plethora of acclaimed playwrights, including a trio of Sirs – David Hare, Tom Stoppard and Alan Ayckbourn. But as television and film gained increasing prominence, new playwrights have struggled to enter our national consciousness.”

Middle America Gets Some Hollywood Clout

Indianapolis’s Heartland Film Festival has found a growing niche in films that appeal to middle America. “Heartland’s rising profile hints that Tinseltown might be outgrowing its tin ear for middle America, a culture that’s both savvier and more proactive than the “Peoria” of old – and a bloc whose consumer clout keeps growing. Some 580 films were submitted to Heartland this year, up from 330 in 2004.”

Book Publishers Become Book Sellers

Major book publishers have quietly gone into the online bookselling business. “The publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Random House and Penguin, claim to have limited retail ambitions and are simply trying to use their websites to help readers. ‘We can offer features, services and guidance that might be difficult for another retailer to provide. What we’re not going to be is competitors to Amazon or any other retailer in this area’.”

Whew! The Orchestra Strike Is Over. What ‘Ya Gonna Do?

If you’re the Montreal Symphony, coming back from a five-month strike, you play “O Canada” for a pro football game. “The 80-piece orchestra under musical director Kent Nagano will play O Canada before the Montreal Alouettes’ regular-season game Saturday afternoon against the Toronto Argonauts. More than 50,000 spectators are expected.”