Even In A Good Cause, People Hate Taxes

An anti-tax group in Cleveland is mobilizing to oppose a ballot measure that would increase a countywide cigarette tax and dedicate the proceeds to the arts. If passed, the measure would generate $20 million a year for cultural groups. Supporters are mounting a vigorous campaign to get voters to support the plan, but organized opposition could derail the effort at the polls.

You’d Think They’d Get Bored…

Broue, a ribald look at working-class life set inside a Quebec tavern, has earned a place in the record books. The play, which opened in Montreal on March 21, 1979, has been performed by the original trio of cast members since the first show. For that, it has earned a place in Guinness World Records as the longest-running theatrical play with the same cast.”

Reality Doesn’t Enter Into It

A new film version of the classic novel, All The King’s Men, turns on the classic American storyline of a “man of the people” who beats the odds and achieves political success by playing up his touch with the common voter. But as much as Americans love this kind of story, we’ve never come close to acting out the fantasy at the polls. So “does a real-life political truth — the fact that voters generally don’t end up pulling the lever for a reflection of themselves — lessen the achievement of All the King’s Men? Can a novel be a work of art — and still get its field all wrong?”