Can You Be Prosecuted For Violent Thought?

“Students across the United States have been getting suspended and arrested for written work that authorities have deemed threatening. After two students in Colorado opened fire at Columbine High in 1999, killing 12 other students and a teacher, states and schools have been scrambling to find ways to protect students before violence occurs. But critics say they’ve been overreacting and violating constitutional rights.”

50 Ways To Improve The Movies

Movies seem worse than ever this summer. “It’s been a year when flicks about talking fish, a freak horse and an ancient Disney ride have rocked the box office, and unbearable lovers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been only slightly less lethal than unstoppable killers Freddy and Jason.” So here are 50 ways to improve things…

Time To Politicize

Politicl theatre has made a big comeback at the Edinburgh Fringe. “A lot of this much-vaunted new political theatre has, admittedly, suffered from the problems that administered a lethal injection to the genre 20 years ago. Way, way too much of it has been designed solely to massage the lazy prejudices of its audiences. One more routine about how Americans are all obese imbeciles, and I think my head might have burst; one more person howling at some smugly inactive audience that “children are dying, children are dying”, and I might have lapsed into a coma. But from this sea of predictable, knee-jerk tedium, two stunning (and very different) new voices have risen.”

Sydney Symphony – Going For The Personal Connection

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s new music director is rethinking how the orchestra operates. “Gianluigi Gelmetti is determined to strengthen the orchestra’s links with its community by taking a personal interest in relationships with sponsors, governments and funding bodies, actively helping the careers of young conductors and instrumentalists, and electing to lead SSO touring in his first year to Lismore, Armidale and Newcastle.”

Do We Really Miss Katharine, Bob and Gregory That Much?

“America seems to be rather ghoulishly prolonging, and even luxuriating in, the grief attendant upon the recent spate of top-table Hollywood demises. This is a measure of the affection that these old warhorses inspired in many people. But I wonder if this enduring nostalgia doesn’t also arise from a widespread wish not to have to gaze upon the present, on the haemorrhaging economy and rising unemployment, on what’s been so disastrously wrought in the Middle East through lies and manipulation, or the ghastly triumphs of NeoCon-corporate feudalism.”