How OCD Feeds My Creativity

“Although I never considered it at the time, it is impossible for me now not to frame the intensity of this devotion to music as a counterpart—a harmony—to my OCD. Every moment I was poring over tablature or trying to master a new chord was a moment not spent, say, touching a byzantine pattern of bricks on the fireplace wall. When I was playing, writing, recording music, I was safe.” – Paris Review

How Brexit Will Affect Music In The UK

At the most basic level, Brexit raises concerns about the ability of musicians to tour overseas. And unless you’re The Rolling Stones or Beyonce, touring teams don’t come much bigger or work more often than orchestras. Classical musicians agree no-deal could mean uncertainty over work permits, delays at European borders and complications with moving instruments across the continent. – BBC

Email Seems Efficient. Science Has Figured Out Why It Isn’t

As e-mail was taking over the modern office, researchers in the theory of distributed systems were also studying the trade-offs between synchrony and asynchrony. As it happens, the conclusion they reached was exactly the opposite of the prevailing consensus. They became convinced that synchrony was superior and that spreading communication out over time hindered work rather than enabling it. – The New Yorker

How Can Arts Organizations Trying To Lead On Equity Issues Oppose Paying Overtime For Their Own Workers?

That’s what most of Seattle’s major arts organizations are doing, writing to protest Washington State proposals that would dramatically increase the number of workers eligible for overtime pay. “It’s illuminating that the argument Seattle’s arts organizations are making isn’t about whether paying overtime is fair, but whether it’s affordable.” – Post Alley Seattle

Facebook Finally Settles With Teacher It Banned For Posting Courbet’s ‘Origin Of The World’

“A French street art association is the unexpected beneficiary in the years-long legal battle brought by the French schoolteacher Frédéric Durand-Baïssas against Facebook over censorship claims. The Paris-based group Le MUR (The WALL), which works with artists including A1One and BK Foxx, is due to receive an undisclosed amount from the social media giant.” – The Art Newspaper

Why Haven’t Museums Embraced Street Art More?

“The exponential expansion of the culture sector rests entirely on a quite narrow demographic of white, middle class, educated staff and visitors who have signed a social contract on what and who constitutes value in the field of visual art. Until there’s radical change in the makeup of institutional bureaucracies and boards, that’s unlikely to change.” – Artnet