Network News Broadcast ratings Up 10 Percent (Biggest Jump In Decade)

“The three evening newscasts added almost 2 million viewers combined in the second quarter compared with the same period the year before. The uptick in the morning is all the more impressive, given the downturn in the audience for broadcast television overall. All three networks lost viewers in prime time this TV season compared with the year before.”

Source: American Journalism Review 08/03/11

If Funding For Your Museum Extension Is Denied, Go Back and Ask For Ten Times As Much

That’s what the director of the Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts did. In February, politicians cancelled a planned €18 million underground extension of the museum. Now Laszlo Baan has gone to back to the government with a €150 million plan to add two new buildings to the existing one.

Source: The Art Newspaper 08/03/11