Cities Want To Be The Next Silicon Valley. That Might Not Be A Good Idea

“The Washington Consensus of the 1980s claimed that free trade and deregulation were the most promising growth policies for developing countries. The Silicon Valley Consensus suggests that innovative cities grow faster, that startups are the only real hope for job creation, and that high-tech growth helps rich and poor alike. But, like the Washington Consensus, the Silicon Valley Consensus offers a false promise.”

Have Recent Productions Of Mid-20th Century Theatre Classics Blurred History?

“A series of recent productions that came to New York with great acclaim have implicitly questioned whether we can still see these plays for what they are, or whether they need to be made new to avoid seeming stale. These productions took plays that are deeply rooted in a particular time and place—and that deal, urgently, with the issues of their day—and ripped them up forcefully to re-pot them in fresh soil.”

Why Is Whether Or Not Athletes Dope So Important To People?

Consider the anger at Lance Armstrong once the truth came out. Consider all the time and money spent on catching and eliminating athletes who dope. “If technology can help sports officials perform their jobs more efficiently and fairly, why can it not be used to help athletes do their jobs more effectively? The answer is quite simple: Athletes have to be human.”