WeWork Is Now The Top Leaser Of Commercial Space In New York. It’s Changing The Way We Work

Co-working spaces are the spatial expression of the casualisation we see in the labour market. In theory, they cater to the “digital nomad”, offering a place and a community as an antidote to the isolation and loneliness of most casual forms of work. In practice, they are not about co-working per se, but about constructing and profiting from a workplace culture that is essentially based on trepidation. – The Guardian

Why The Baltimore Symphony Is In Trouble

Carol Bogash: “One thing is clear to me: The root cause of the financial problems that the BSO has faced over these past five years is directly related to decisions made by the management and board. Budgets have been approved that were built on wishful thinking. Huge amounts of money were spent on guest artists and guest conductors with the hope of being recouped through ticket sales and donations. Major projects were undertaken without sufficient underwriting. They were artistically worthwhile but financially went into the red. These are the business practices that lead to serious systemic problems and debt.” – Washington Post

“World” Music? What Is That? (Time To Retire The Label)

Founders of the term provided vague justifications for lumping together anything that wasn’t deemed to be from a European or American tradition – “looking at what artists do rather than what they sound like”, as editor of fRoots magazine Ian Anderson said. The World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival, AKA Womad, which was founded seven years before the term gained prominence, similarly used it as a catch-all for its roster of international artists. – The Guardian

Same Old Blah – Why We Need To Reinvigorate Arts Criticism (Get Some New Voices!)

Can anyone argue that our largely white critical contingent in Boston is interested in generating hard hitting debate, controversy, and unconventional ideas? In the hands of these white critics and their editors, arts coverage is shrinking into terminal boredom — in the Globe, ARTery, and elsewhere — as critics embrace the role of diplomat/consumer guides, dispensers of ad-copy happy talk. Reviews that market to the lowest common denominator may sell tickets, and that reassures the powers-that-be. But so what? We need criticism to become critical again. – Arts Fuse

Why I Let Criticisms Of Putin Get Edited Out Of The Russian Translations Of My Books

Yuval Noah Harari: “As a thinker and author, I do my best to reach diverse audiences around the world, and not just readers in Western democracies. … Some will no doubt disagree, but I think that as long as local adaptations of books are done in the form of altering specific examples rather than core ideas, they are worth the price.” – Newsweek

Monica Ali: On The Myths Of “Positive” Discrimination

“While prejudice and disadvantage persist in ‘the real world,’ in the literary world we BAME writers (that’s Black and Minority Ethnic folk) are insulated by liberals falling over themselves to provide us with feather beds and glittering prizes. From this position of privilege I experienced a prolonged and profound sense of shame and failure because after the success of my debut novel, Brick Lane, each subsequent book was largely met with scorn or bemusement by reviewers.” – LitHub

Meet Boris Johnson’s New Culture Minister

A former education secretary, Nicky Morgan came under fire from the arts sector in 2015 when she claimed that young people choosing to study creative subjects at school could “hold them back for the rest of their lives”, and argued that the subjects that “keep people’s options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers are the STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] subjects.” – The Stage

Montreal Symphony Signs Deal To Create Virtual Immersive Content

For the next three years, the team from la Société des arts technologiques will spend a week each year recording OSM rehearsals and concerts to create immersive acoustic projects. “For sure we want to use these recordings for an augmented reality smartphone app that we will be launching in the upcoming months and years,” said Simon Ouellette, head of special projects for the OSM. – Montreal Gazette