Opening In Chicago, Billy Elliot Plans To Stay Quite A While

“Chicago is snagging the very first post-Broadway production of one of the most successful musicals of the decade. Attracting a long run by arguably the only current Broadway show with a box-office pull that could rival ‘Wicked’ is a major coup for Broadway in Chicago, which fought hard for the show against presenters in San Francisco, who also wanted their city to be the first outside New York to stage the show.”

Are Publishing’s Fall Releases Too Much Of A Good Thing?

“Many publishers are saying their fall catalogs are their strongest in years, and after last fall, an unqualified disaster that left the industry demoralized and diminished, much is at stake as their hopes are tested. … With optimism, however, comes worry–particularly because shoving every major release into the same three months could very well result in a traffic jam that will benefit no one.”

‘Behavior’ – What Exactly Does That Mean? (It’s Not Just ‘What Animals Do’)

“[B]iologists don’t agree with one another on what a behavior is; biologists don’t agree with themselves on what a behavior is; biologists can be as parochial as the rest of us, meaning that animal behaviorists tend to reflexively claim the behavior label for animals only, while botanists sniff that, if the well-timed unfurling of a smelly, colorful blossom for the sake of throwing your seed around isn’t the ultimate example of a behavior, then there’s no such thing as Valentine’s Day.”

Amazon To Print On Demand 400K Books In Public Domain

“ is pushing deeper into the academic book market. The online retail giant will do on-demand reprints of some 400,000 out-of-copyright books from the University of Michigan library, in a deal announced today. Amazon has been actively targeting academia, trying to convince universities to adopt the Kindle DX as a textbook replacement and outsource reprints of older academic titles to its print-on-demand service, BookSurge.”