There’s Nothing Wrong With The Internet That Using It The Right Way Wouldn’t Solve

“We don’t need digital detox. Or more accurately, we do need a detox, but we have misidentified the toxin. Interacting online is not inherently poisonous, and online interactions are no less meaningful than talking face to face. Different, yes, but just as valuable. If we experience problems relating to each other online, I believe it’s because we’re doing it wrong.” – NewMusicBox

Sixty-Six Questions About That ‘CATS’ Trailer

Some samples: “2. So clearly this is a town for cats, created by cats—hence the Milk Bar. But what kind of milk are they drinking? 3. Cow milk? Do cows exist in this world? How would cats, which weigh eight to 10 pounds on average, be able to domesticate cows, which weigh—[Googles]—roughly 1,600 pounds? Or … uh … are they drinking cat milk?” – The Ringer

A Sneak Peek At George Lucas’s New LA Museum

A 30-minute slide presentation provided a brief snapshot of what will be in the museum — a collection, curators said, that will include the poetic paintings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the bright and rounded comic art of graphic novelist Chris Ware and the work of celebrated L.A. muralist Judy Baca. The pieces that generated oohs and ahhs from the San Diego audience, however, were of a more pop variety, namely those connected to the “Star Wars” franchise. – Los Angeles Times