India Enjoys Boom In English-Language Lit

Not so long ago, the Indian literature section of your average Delhi bookstore “would be a half-hearted affair, seemingly there more out of duty than joy, and usually it would be hidden away at the back of the shop.” No more: “A newly buoyant middle-class, better travelled, more curious and with more disposable income, has been devouring books like never before” and Indian authors can now aim at an audience of compatriots instead of writing for export.

The Next Women Playwrights

“While the newest generation of female playwrights is not following a well-beaten path, at least it’s not a journey without maps. Women have led the way for some time in fusing the political with the personal, falling neither into the “art for art’s sake” fallacy nor the “agitprop” fallacy, so succinctly outlined by Ferdinand Mount in the Guardian a few weeks ago.”

Study: Movie Industry Shouldn’t Cut Back In Bad Times

“The bigger the slate, the better the odds for profit. The five-film slate had a net loss of $94 million. The 10-film slate had almost $140 million in profit, while the 15-film slate had $466.4 million in profit. The study, which used a time frame of 12 years to determine the results, assumed 8% in distribution costs and 10% profit-participation and also included video and television revenues.”