Musicals Are Everything Right Now, But How Did We Get Here?

You know how: “There’s no doubting that Miranda’s smart, sharp, multi-Tony-award-winning retelling of the life of the man on the $10 bill, from his Caribbean childhood in St Kitts and Nevis to his untimely death in New York’s Greenwich Village after a duel, is reaching parts other musicals can only dream of, thanks to its inventive combination of thoroughly modern music and a good old-fashioned tale of ambition, jealousy, desire and despair.”

Have Black Market Tickets Reached A Tipping Point?

“Campaigners are urging the government to take “four pragmatic steps” that would disrupt the touts and help get more face-value tickets into the hands of fans. Meanwhile, gig goers are being encouraged to sign up at where they can share their experiences and stories, and there are plans to produce educational guides for fans and music businesses.”

How To Write (Well) About Film

“The writer is tasked not only with verbally transmitting image and movement, but also capturing something of the mood or fantasy evoked onscreen, and grappling with medium-specific gestures so minor they’re almost implied; here, the challenge is to convey but not overwork such moments, keeping both effect and subtlety intact, as if handing over a moth without dissolving its wings.”