Nazi Association Taints Flick Exhibition

“As Berlin prepares to unveil one of the world’s biggest private art collections, curators said Tuesday they had recruited historians to shed light on the controversial Nazi-linked past of its founder. The collection of Friedrich Christian Flick, comprising some 2,500 works, is due to open in September. Berlin beat out other world capitals that had vied to host its first public exhibition. But the event has faced fierce criticism already, especially from Jewish community leaders in Germany, who rail against showcasing a collection begun by Flick’s grandfather, a notorious collaborator of the Third Reich.”

Source: Miami Herald (AFP) - 07/15/04

Ben Cameron To Silicon Valley Arts Leaders:

“Nothing says more about the moment we are in than a report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy that said in fiscal year ’02, charitable giving in this country fell 1.2 percent overall to all causes. Charitable giving to arts and culture fell 26.5 percent in the same year. And as a result, we are facing a moment of unprecedented stress and urgency.”

Source: San Jose Mercury News - 07/15/04

HBO Leads Emmy Nominations

HBO takes a big lead in nominations for this year’s Emmy awards. “The pay cable channel, which has now led the list of nominations four consecutive times, totally dominated the competition this year, taking in 124 nominations, up from its previous high of 109 last year. That was almost double the number of the nearest competitor, NBC, which this year took in just 65 nominations, down from 77 last year.”

Source: The New York Times - 07/15/04

Saudi Arabia’s New Cultural Policy

Saudi Arabia says it will undertake a “massive restructuring of the Kingdom’s cultural and antiquities sector,” making it the “cornerstone” of the national tourism policy. “We are not alone in this (focus on cultural tourism). According to the World Tourism Organization, all nations are embracing the increasing interest among world travelers in learning and experiencing other cultures. Cultural tourism today is one of the largest and fastest growing forms of tourism.”

Source: Arab News - 07/15/04

Box G – Eau D’Opera

Robert mailer Anderson is a 35-year-old San Francisco novelist who reserves Box G at the San Francisco Opera every season for himself and eight of his closest buddies. “Last Christmas, Anderson bought his crew tuxedos to wear on their nights at the Opera House, but he still felt they were missing a certain je ne sais quoi.” So he had a parfumier mix a special scent for the occasion. “To top it all off, the San Francisco Opera gift shop decided to sell the scent (for $120), named, appropriately enough, Box G.”

Source: SF Weekly - 07/15/04

Ballet School Hopes For An 8-Figure Donation

“Wallace McCain, billionaire frozen-food tycoon from New Brunswick, could join an exclusive club this morning when the National Ballet School announces major funding for its $90 million new home… The most intriguing question: Will McCain add his name to the very short list of philanthropists who have given $10 million or more to one of Toronto’s cultural projects?” The National Ballet School has long been one of Canada’s most important (and underfunded) dance institutions, and it is struggling to raise $50 million in private money to go with $40 million of government financing for its new facility.

Source: Toronto Star - 07/15/04

Philly Museum Splits Curatorial Duties

“The Philadelphia Museum of Art has divided the leadership of its department of modern and contemporary art between two senior curators, an action that director Anne d’Harnoncourt said enhances the museum’s ability to manage a growing collection of art made from 1900 to the present. Michael R. Taylor, acting head of the department since November, has been named Muriel and Philip Berman curator of modern art. He will oversee collections and exhibitions of works from the first half of the 20th century. The museum is seeking an equivalent curator of contemporary art, whose purview will be from the mid-20th century to the present.”

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer - 07/15/04