Snapping Hip Syndrome: An Explainer For Dancers

“Does this statement sound familiar to you? ‘My hip snaps or pops when I do grand battement or developpé devant or à la seconde. The snap sometimes presents with pain but sometimes not, and happens either on the up phase or down phase of the movement.’ Dancers might also notice decreased range of motion through the sagittal or frontal planes.”

The Academy Of Motion Pictures Promised To Diversify This Year. In One Fell Swoop…

“According to a new Times analysis, with the 2016 class of invitees the academy has, in a single stroke, gone 52% of the way toward its goal of doubling the number of nonwhites in its ranks. When it comes to boosting the numbers of women, though, the academy is lagging slightly behind pace; the new class brings the academy roughly a fifth of the way toward its 2020 benchmark.”

A History Of Being Exhausted

“Those who imagine that life in the past was simpler, slower and better are wrong. The experience of exhaustion, and anxieties about exhaustion epidemics in the wider population, are not bound to a particular time and place. On the contrary: exhaustion and its effects have preoccupied thinkers since classical antiquity.”

How Pokemon Go Took Over The World In A Week (And What It Means)

“If Pokémon Go does represent a sea change in augmented reality, then it’s one that’s going to force us to rethink our approach to designed spaces, public and private. So many of the places people gather center on communal tragedy or reverence: funerals, war memorials, religion. What do you do when someone whips out their phone to catch a Geodude at the Holocaust Memorial? Or, as is apparently already happening, Auschwitz? Games, with the weight they bear—of play, of fun—might have once seemed inappropriate for those places. But now those places are squares on the game grid.”