How We Will See Movies In The Future

“Individual films will be made available in multiple ways, either consecutively or all at the same time. (Just because a film is available free on SnagFilms or Hulu, it doesn’t follow that no one wants the convenience of renting it from iTunes or Amazon.) In fact, the best sites here accept Internet permeability as a given, and operate on the principle that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Are University Presses Endangered In The Tough Economy?

“Utah State University Press narrowly escaped the chopping block this year. Eastern Washington University Press is being phased out as that school copes with budget cuts. Even the most prestigious presses are feeling the pinch: Yale University Press reported in March that revenue was down nearly 8 percent, and the State University of New York Press announced five layoffs in December.”

The Year Everything Changed: 1968? 1989? No, It’s 1959

Fred Kaplan: “Several years ago, it occurred to me that many of my favorite groundbreaking record albums, books, and movies … were all released in 1959. Was this just coincidence, or was it part of a pattern? … The more I looked into it, the more it struck me that 1959 really was a pivotal year – not only in culture but also in politics, society, science, sex: everything.”

As Economic Stimulus, Germany Funds Renovation Of Richard Wagner’s Mansion

“Germany’s government has pledged €500,000 ($700,000) to renovate the Wahnfried villa that houses the archive of legendary German composer Richard Wagner. The government said Thursday the money to renovate Wagner’s former house in the southern city of Bayreuth would come from an economic stimulus package that earmarks funds for improving infrastructure.”

You Think The Objectification Of Women In American Media Is Bad? It’s Got Nothing On Italy

“On television, the Italian penchant for adorning soundstages with skimpily clad, surgically enhanced showgirls has radically metastasized, spilling over from game shows to all forms of entertainment, including the nightly news. But feminist grumblings only exploded into public debate in recent weeks after reports emerged that [media magnate and Italian president Silvio] Berlusconi … was grooming a stable of TV starlets for the political arena.”