Theatre Offers Money Back Guarantee

Collaboraction/Teatro Vista theatre in Chicago makes the offer. “Of course, money-back guarantees have been around at least as long as the Sears catalog, though not in the theater. They’re a surefire marketing tool, much less about returning cash to a few dissatisfied customers than about giving an exponentially larger number of them the gold-plated confidence to buy the product in the first place.”

The Piano Man Of Baghdad

“[Christopher] Garabedian plays every night at Al-Rif, a tony restaurant and one of the few doing business in Baghdad these days. […] Some [customers] come to listen to Garabedian’s medley of Western and Eastern tunes, including Iraqi traditional songs, that has earned him many admirers.”

Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s Warehouse Displaced For Apartments

“[The] innovative theater that has been a major cultural player in Brooklyn for nearly 30 years must find a new home now that its 14,000-square-foot space in Dumbo is scheduled to be turned into an apartment complex and school.” Fortunately, the developers are longtime friends of the theater and “are committed to helping St. Ann’s find a new space.”

Luc Besson To Build A French Cinecittà

The well-known director and a partner are joining forces “to launch the e30 million ($42 million) Paris Studios, France’s first modern megastudio. […] With nine soundstages, including one at 23,680 square feet, Paris Studios will be part of the ambitious La Cité du Cinema film complex, located at a former power station in Saint Denis, northern Paris.”