What’s Wrong With Art Education

Time was, artists honed their craft in school and by learning from the skills of masters of the day. No more, writes Laurie Fendrich. “Art education (by which I mean the education of artists for the professional contemporary art world, as opposed to the education of high-school art teachers, which is an entirely separate matter) has become a hodgepodge of attitudes, self-expression, news bulletins from hot galleries, and an almost random selection of technical skills that cannot help but leave most art students confused about their ultimate purpose as artists. This mishmash approach has been going on for so long that it amounts to an orthodoxy…”

Liquidating Wildenstein?

A court has said one of the biggest private art inventories may have to be sold. “Unless the sons of the late art dealer Daniel Wildenstein, Alec and Guy, reach a settlement with Daniel’s widow, Sylvia Wildenstein, a significant collection of paintings and drawings will be sold at auction in early July.”

Nothin’ Says Fringe Like Feet And Tongues

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is in its twelfth year of existence, and boasts of being the largest such fest in America. Naturally, organizers felt it was time for a new logo that reflects such a reputation. And naturally, the logo sports a giant pair of lips. And a giant tongue. And a tiny foot. And, um… okay, does anyone know what the hell this thing is supposed to be?

Newly Discovered Munch Work Unveiled

“The Bremen Kunsthalle art museum on Friday put on display a previously unknown painting by Norwegian master Edvard Munch, depicting a naked girl appearing to be threatened by a vision of the faces of three men… The painting was discovered while restoration work was being done on the Munch painting ‘The Dead Mother’… The symbolist-style painting, measuring 90 by 100 centimetres, is estimated by art experts to date to around 1898.”

Do The Arts Still Matter In A 5000-Channel Universe?

Are the arts falling behind in a cultural universe that is expanding exponentially? “The culture is constantly evolving, under the pressures of changing demographics, audience behavior, seductive new technologies and the nature of making and consuming art. No organization, no artist can afford to assume that anything that’s working today will do so tomorrow.”

Why Corcoran Turned Its Back On Gehry

Why did the Corcoran abandon its Frank Gehry addition and ask for the resignation of David levy, its director? “Mr. Levy believed that there was still a way to get the Gehry building done. Its price tag had soared to about $200 million, but ‘we’d raised $110 million, more money than any institution in this city has ever raised,’ he says. But the board felt the task of fund raising was eating up all the institutional oxygen, so it asked for his resignaton.”

LACMA Gives New Music The Boot

The LA County Museum of Art is dropping the residencies of two of LA’s most important contemporary music groups. The California EAR Unit and Xtet — as well the annual Rosalinde Gilbert Concerts, which cover a broader repertory, are being cut loose. “We’re going to concentrate on programs that enhance the core mission of an art museum, which is to present the visual arts to the public.”