To Foster Community, London Will Place Pianos On Street

“In an experiment backed by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, and by the national lottery, 31 pianos are to be plonked around the capital to encourage people to gather for a singsong with strangers. They will be placed at prominent sites such as the British Library, the Natural History Museum, the Bank of England and Tate Britain. … A full-time tuner will tour the sites on a bicycle to maintain them.”

LAByrinth’s Hoffman A.D. Team Replaced By Guirgis Trio

“The three artistic directors of Gotham’s LAByrinth Theater Company, including Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz, have stepped down from their posts, citing growing professional and family commitments. Three LAB members — playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, costume designer Mimi O’Donnell and actor Yul Vazquez — will take up the reins.”

O’Connor, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and … Nancy Drew?

“It doesn’t take a big clue to deduce that there’s something between Supreme Court women and Nancy Drew of River Heights, Somewhere, U.S.A., the teenage star of a wholesome series of detective novels that have been in print in some version — dated and updated — since their inception in 1930. What stuck with these judicial women might be a harder case to crack.”

How Imax Became Mainstream

“How did Imax win over Hollywood? For starters, next-generation Imax projection systems, which rely on digital images rather than film, sharply lowered costs. Before digital arrived, a single Imax print of a major Hollywood film could run $60,000, according to Warner Brothers, compared with about $1,000 for a standard print. Imax’s digital prints cost about $500 each.”

A Good Year For Broadway. BUT…

“This surprising robustness makes it all the more noticeable, and all the more sad, that something was seriously wrong with the musicals. But what was the disease giving so many of them the same livid complexion? Call it emphasitis: the enervating result of a synesthetic assault on the audience’s attention by talented people overdoing everything.”

Handicapping The Tonys

“This season’s profusion of what one might call boutique, high-end productions was partly a consequence of the economic times. Assuming a familiar name — a Geoffrey Rush, a James Gandolfini, a Jane Fonda — has been persuaded to sign up at reasonable cost, it’s relatively cheap for Broadway producers to map out a modestly profitable way to do a limited run of a prestige title and snag a few ego-enhancing Tony nominations therewith.”