Troubled Dance Theatre Of Harlem Gets $1 Million From Ford

“The Ford Foundation grant will fund the DTH School and Dancing Through Barriers, its education and community outreach program. Over the next four years, the DTH School will develop and implement a strategic recruitment plan, augment its curriculum to offer more robust training and artistic experiences including guest faculty and choreographers for its students. It will also formulate a comprehensive K-12 curriculum for use in rendering its education activities and residencies in New York City and around the world.”

Zimbabwe Cracks Down On Playwright

Playwrights in Zimbabwe say they are being targeted by the government. “Nervous that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change is getting ready to launch a violent campaign to end his 26 years of rule, the head of state has targeted poets, playwrights, satirists – even nightclub stand up comedians – and branded them all as “enemies of the people.”

Toronto Arts Groups Seek Funding For Buildings From Feds

Six major Toronto arts organizations take their case for added funding for building projects to the federal finance minister. “The institutions, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Royal Ontario Museum, are looking for a $49-million investment from the Harper Conservatives to help them complete various building projects.”

ITV Opposes BBC Rate Hike

The British commercial TV network ITV is opposing the increase the BBC is asking in the home license fee. “The BBC has asked the government for a rise of 2.3% above inflation for the next seven years, meaning the licence could rise to £180 by 2013. But an independent report commissioned by ITV argues the corporation needs a licence fee – currently £131.50 – rising only at the rate of inflation.”

Zukerman: National Arts Center Orchestra Needs New Hall

Pinchas Zukerman wants a new hall for Ottawa’s National Arts Center Orchestra. “The orchestra needs a new venue because there is not enough space at its current location, Zukerman said. He added that a new building would give the orchestra a new identity and downtown Ottawa some much-needed nightlife. Zukerman said he envisions the new facility to be a world-class building that would have three halls – a 2,000-seater, a 1,200-seater and a 500-seater – as well as an orchestral academy for budding musicians.”