Artists Blast Scottish Arts Council For Releasing Info

The Scottish Arts Council has put details of its grant applications online and arts organizations are furious. “The SAC has posted more than 1,500 documents on its website, detailing the reasons for recent grant decisions affecting some 100 clients. Although new legislation means such documents can be requested by the public, no funding body has ever made so much information so easily available.”

Art And Science Reconcile

The two used to be close. But “by the middle of the 20th century, the division was pronounced and profound. In a famous 1959 essay, C.P. Snow described and despaired of the ‘two cultures’ that had grown up around science and art. Today the stakes seem too high and the world too tightly interconnected for artists and scientists to close their eyes and ears to each other.”

Time To Rehabilitate Britten

Benjamin Britten had a thing for boys. It’s hampered his legacuy as a composer, writes Norman Lebrecht. “We’re in a new century and the linen that has been hung out to dry. We must accept Britten for what he was, a tormented innocent, and find the courage to stage his work coherently for the first time in a comprehensive cycle.”

The Instant Opera Star

“Dmitri Hvorostovsky was the first in a series of star baritones to achieve near-instantaneous operatic fame. And the way he’s going – with more and bigger opera roles, plus concerts that draw five-figure crowds in his native Russia – any eclipse may be far in the future.”

Dancer Meets Critc… Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Last summer, in a now-famous letter to The New Yorker, choreographer Tere O’Connor complained that “critics do not know how to read dances…they don’t do the work of finding out what is actually going on in the minds of the artists or what are the contexts in which these works are created. They have reduced dance criticism to an explanatory, superficial, retelling of events.” So what should that complicated between dance critic and artist be?

Sorting Out The Zukerman Affair

Why did music director Pinchas Zukerman return early to Ottawa’s National Arts Center Orchestra? There’s plenty of speculation, but one’s thing is sure – his situation with the orchestra is far from resolved. “So we may be in for several more years of Zukerman at the NACO. It remains to be seen whether that turns out to be a good thing, or a new phase in a bad relationship.”