Milan’s Modern Art Museum Finally Gets A Home

“Since its foundation in the early years of the 20th century, the modern art collection belonging to the city of Milan has changed its name and moved premises so often that at certain moments even the Milanese themselves would have been hard pressed to say what it was called and where to find it.” Now they need only look next to the Duomo.

Source: International Herald Tribune 03/23/11

Israel Begins To Give Palestinian Art Its Due

“The project, the Umm el-Fahem Museum of Contemporary Art, is just one among the many developments in a trend that is quietly taking shape in Israel. While political negotiations for peace in the Middle East have all but stalled, Israelis are slowly discovering Palestinian art, helping build ties and encourage dialogue between the two peoples.”

Source: International Herald Tribune 03/23/11

Changing The Dance Company Business Model

Choreographer Peter G. Kalivas “hasn’t paid for a performance space in years. Instead, he approaches business owners and pitches a PGK Project production as a marketing tactic and opportunity to reach potential clients. He says it’s a pretty easy sell. … But the real difference between his company and most others in town is the sheer number of performances he’s involved with.”

Source: San Diego City Beat 03/23/11