The NY Dance Biz – Big

Dance is big business in New York City. “A first-ever study of dance’s economic impact on New York City shows a quarter of a billion dollars in direct activity and over $400 million total in 2002-2003. The report also states that over a million paying patrons attended NYC dance performances in 2002.”

Could Canadian Artists Be Charged With Child Porn?

“Under a proposed change to Canada’s child pornography law, depictions like that of children in sexual situations could be criminalized, say artists and writers. The proposed change removes ‘artistic merit’ as a defence for any written or visual material charged under child porn laws. If Bill C-12 is adopted, any film, painting or book depicting sexual activity involving people under 18 can only escape prosecution if a judge rules it serves ‘the public good and does not extend beyond the public good’.”

Huntington On The Attack (Wow!)

Samuel Huntington has sparked a firestorm of controversy. “Writing in the March-April issue of Foreign Policy magazine, Huntington – the noted author, scholar and chairman of Harvard University’s Academy for International and Area Studies – has identified a ‘major potential threat’ to this great nation’s ‘cultural and political integrity.’ The threat is: Mexicans. Other Hispanics, too, but mostly Mexicans.”

PBS Demands Payment From Seattle Station

PBS has told Seattle affiliate KCTS it wants immediate payment of $3.8 million in back dues, part of $5.2 million the station owes for 2000, 2001 and 2003. “KCTS has until sometime next month to come up with a plan for repayment. Should Channel 9 be unable to do so, PBS could begin sanctions to force KCTS to become a “pass through” station, taking a direct feed through satellite and forgoing local content. Worse, KCTS could lose its affiliation.”

Berlin’s Future – In Start-Up Creatives?

The city of Berlin thought companies would flow into the city to invest after the city was unified. It hasn’t happened, and Berlin is broke. Now, small creative enterprises are springing up in vacant buildings across the old East Berlin, “many of them former squatter colonies gone legit. Their stock in trade is art, music, publishing, software. ‘You can see them as seedbeds. These developments everywhere in these derelict places are perhaps the best hope the city has for better times’.”

LA Considers Eliminating Culture Department

The city of Los Angeles is facing a budget crisis. So officials are considering “eliminating Los Angeles’ Cultural Affairs and Environmental Affairs departments. The Cultural Affairs Department grants about $3 million each year to the arts, offers neighborhood classes for adults and children, oversees a city-owned gallery and theaters, and is in charge of the landmark Watts Towers.”

Rushdie To Lead PEN

Salman Rushdie has been named the new president of PEN, the international writers organization. “Rushdie, who was officially named on Monday to serve a two-year term, succeeds Joe Conarroe, a former president of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and the former head of the Modern Language Association.”

Writing Music Anytime, Anywhere

“Composers today, both professionals and amateurs, can write and produce music in home recording studios using versatile recording software and powerful computers. They can combine multiple tracks, mix in various instruments and even buy the rights to recordings by well-known artists to augment their music. The final product is digital music, and the sound is very, very close to studio quality.”

Gospel Play Circuit

“Sometimes referred to as urban theater or chitlin’ circuit plays, these popular live productions tour major cities, selling out venues by using a moneymaking mix of comedy, music and melodrama to draw large crowds of African-American patrons. Filled with stereotypes and base cultural elements, gospel plays have been accused of promoting negative images within the African-American community. On the other hand, the productions employ and make money for scores of black actors, singers, comedians and playwrights.”