Love Downgraded

“Love in the 21st Century is a joke. It’s a scam. It’s a punch line in a sitcom. It’s an e-mail with a lame smiley face in place of an original phrase. It’s a hasty text message (LUV U) with a hieroglyph where your heart ought to be. When it comes to love, nobody knows what to say or to write anymore. Are we too busy? Too preoccupied? Yes, love is a many splendored thing, but these days that just sounds like more multitasking.”

Schiele, Schiele, Who Owns The Schiele?

” It has meandered for decades through art galleries and private collections before ending up in the middle of a pitched legal battle in New York’s Southern District court, where two of Grünbaum’s heirs–Leon Fischer, a New York stamp dealer, and Milos Vavra, who lives in Prague–have bickered for two years with the drawing’s owner, David Bakalar.”

Want A Music Career? DIY!

With thousands of young classical music students graduating from music school each year, how does one make a mark? Increasingly, it’s recording. And recording they make on their own. “It is self-evidently the way to go. With labels focussed on celebrity and the concert business on survival, new talent must fend for itself and some of it is doing so remarkably well.”

Study: Newsroom Investment Makes Money

“U.S. newspapers that spend more money on their newsrooms will make more money, according to a study released on Wednesday, which questioned the wisdom of the media industry’s trend of cutting jobs to save costs. The authors of the University of Missouri-Columbia study, which was based on 10 years of financial data, said news quality affects profit more than spending on circulation, advertising and other parts of the business.”