Is Atheism Irrational?

“Lack of evidence, if indeed evidence is lacking, is no grounds for atheism. No one thinks there is good evidence for the proposition that there are an even number of stars; but also, no one thinks the right conclusion to draw is that there are an uneven number of stars. The right conclusion would instead be agnosticism.”

Source: The New York Times

How Humans Are Different From Animals (Or Not)

“In the light of new research into animal intelligence, some scientists have concluded that there simply is no profound difference between us and other species. But other scientists of equal eminence argue the opposite: that new research is finally making the profound difference between humans and animals clear.”

Source: Financial Times

How Can Choreographer Paul Taylor Cement His Legacy?

“After six decades in which the Paul Taylor Dance Company existed to dance almost nothing but Paul Taylor works, Mr. Taylor said that he wanted to broaden its mission to include presenting past masterworks of modern dance and works of contemporary choreographers in addition to his oeuvre and the dances he plans to continue to create.”

Source: The New York Times

What’s It Like To Be A Medical Actor?

“You get a script and a paper gown. You get $13.50 an hour. Our scripts are ten to twelve pages long. They outline what’s wrong with us — not just what hurts but how to express it. They tell us how much to give away, and when. We are supposed to unfurl the answers according to specific protocols.”

Source: The Believer

As Sony Leaves Ebook Market, What Does This Mean For Barnes & Noble’s Nook?

“I’m sure Apple or Kobo or Google would be just delighted to have their ebooks integrated into Barnes & Noble’s suite of offerings, and probably Amazon would too, although they would almost certainly never be asked.”

Source: The Shatzkin Report

How The Hell Does The Builders Association Make (Good) Theatre About Technology?

Marianne Weems: “When we first started a lot of people would say, ‘Is this theater?’ — Producers, presenters and audience members alike. And our response at the time was, ‘Well it is taking place in the theater,’ and obviously all that has changed.”

Source: HowlRound