Indie Actors – Don’t Bump Your Heads

Sundance shows that thee are indie star actors. But “a glass ceiling still separates the indie and Hollywood spheres. And they may not even be cozily entrenched, given the constant pressure to get A-list names in indies and the corresponding trend toward stunt-casting. Further complicating matters, an ever growing number of Hollywood A-listers regard Sundance as a kind of boutique spa where they can order up an image makeover.”

Curious Gilbert (And George)

Gilbert & George are getting a major retrospective at the Tate. “It’s impossible to get to grips with Gilbert and George. Perhaps this all started out as a game, and then it became their reality. Or perhaps this is just what they are like. I really have no idea. But they are cheering company, like two crazy but indulgent old uncles.”

Theatre Leadership As Philosophical Choice

Boston area theatres Huntington and American Repertory Theatre are both looking for new leadership, this at a time of great uncertainty in the theatre world. “The leaders they choose will tell us a lot about the solutions they favor. That makes this an excellent time for everyone who cares about theater in Boston to think — and speak — about what we believe it can and should be.”

TV Sitcoms – On Life Support, But Still, A Pulse

“Clear signs that the sitcom is rebounding from its early-2000s slump are beginning to surface. Before this year, as onetime hits such as ‘Frasier,’ ‘Friends,’ and ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ were saying their too-long goodbyes, the sitcom genre was viewed as a tired format with a musty TV Land vibe. But while there are fewer sitcoms on TV now, each of them seems to be working harder to stay alive.”