This Actress Won A Tony For Playing A Middle-Aged Woman At Endless War With Her Mother – Two Decades Later, She’s Playing That Mother

Marie Mullen – star, then and now, of The Beauty Queen of Leenane – talks about what she did and didn’t borrow from her colleague, fellow Tony-winner and predecessor as Mag Folan, the late Anna Manahan.

Does It Really Make A Difference If An Orchestra Is Centuries Old?

The Dresden Staatskapelle is 458 years old; the Royal Danish Orchestra (in Danish, the “Royal Chapel”) is a century older still. The Budapest Festival Orchestra, on the other hand, was founded in 1983, and many critics and listeners consider it to be easily a peer of the Dresdeners. Andrew Mellor considers the ways in which an orchestra’s institutional history might or might not affect how it plays today.

Indonesia’s First Contemporary Art Museum To Open This Fall

“The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN), the first institution of its kind in Indonesia, has announced that it will officially open to the public in Jakarta in November 2017 after delays in the construction of [its] landmark multi-purpose building.”

How Money Changes What (And How) Writers Write

“Money taints everything, why not writing too? Once its value is determined by the marketplace rather than the writer or the reader, our relationship to literature becomes estranged. From bloated celebrity advances to rejected masterpieces, the market is more than just a poor arbiter of lasting quality: it tends to obscure that quality behind purely economic motivations. Good writing, we’re told time and time again, is born from love, not avarice. But this romantic picture of the writer, toiling without regard to money, is itself a fiction—one whose roots stretch back several millennia, and whose effects we’re still dealing with today.”

What Landing The Lucas Museum Says About L.A.

The pick meant that Exposition Park keeps on transforming into less open space than building space, but it “also played to — and in the end confirmed — certain ideas Los Angeles has about itself, that it’s a city without a robust culture of civic engagement, that builds first and asks questions later, that pounces on opportunities like the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art rather than debating them.”

Canadian Author, After Weeks Of Protests And Questions, Says He’ll Stop Trying To Speak For The Indigenous Communities

Joseph Boyden got attention for his First Nations ancestry and for his writing about Native peoples for years – but since Dec. 23, the calls for him to be clearer about his specific ancestry and stop claiming to speak for Canada’s aboriginal people have grown clamorous.

The Problem With ‘Frankenstein’ And The Warnings Against ‘Playing God’

“Secular and religious, critic and journalist alike have summoned the term to deride and outright dismiss entire areas of research and technology, including stem cells, genetically modified crops, recombinant DNA, geoengineering, and gene editing. … To urge against playing God … is to convey a mistrust of scientists – and to criticize their arrogance in the face of the power and unpredictability of nature.”

Barnes Foundation Launches Three New Contemporary Concert Series

The legendary art collection in Philadelphia has an in-house curation team planning the events, “aiming to elucidate the paintings and sculptures while exploring the concepts behind them.” For one of the series, the museum is even assembling its own ensemble “for intensive two-weeks-or-more workshops and performances [exploring] complex modern works.”