Cal State Fullerton Gets A PAC

California State University at Fullerton has opened a new $48 million performing arts center. “Instead of the originally proposed single hall that would serve multiple purposes, Fullerton ended up with three theaters of different sizes specifically designed for dramatic, instrumental and choral performances. Overall, the new venues are much better suited to the college’s needs.”

The Magical Healing Powers Of Mozart?

“Over the past decade, Mozart has increasingly been placed in a role that is perhaps the most controversial of all: as healer of mind and body. In this New Age interpretation, Mozart is the ultimate composer-therapist whose music can help treat ailments ranging from acne to Alzheimer’s disease and even, it is claimed, make you and your kids smarter. Some of these claims are based on science.”

Time To Restore California Arts Funding?

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed education budget includes $100 million for art and music in the classrooms. This is a laudable step in the right direction, but it doesn’t address the critical need to restore the state’s arts infrastructure. The miserly million allocated to the California Arts Council was required to match a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funds from the arts license-plate program and other sources make up a total agency budget of $3.2 million. At its peak in 2001, the Arts Council had a budget of $32 million.”

Orange Pulls Out, Scots Are Blue

“Telecommunications giant Orange is to reduce financial support for arts north of the Border, which is likely to leave Edinburgh’s renowned film and book festivals with huge holes in their budgets. Other national companies are also expected to reduce sponsorship in Scotland because of sporting events such as the World Cup, which will soak up spare cash.”

Phantom By The Numbers

“Phantom of the Opera” has played longer than any show in Broadway history. It “is a record breaker in many respects, having grossed nearly $600 million since opening in 1988, the most ever for a Broadway show. When you add in the original London production, numerous foreign productions and three United States tours, the worldwide box office exceeds a whopping $3.2 billion, surpassing every other stage production and even the world’s highest-grossing film, “Titanic” ($1.8 billion).”