The New Book Clubs

“Once a hot trend that saw everyone from celebrities and politicians to housewives and neighbors getting together to read and dish, the book clubs of today are evolving, forgoing the Oprah Winfrey model of read-and-discuss and getting creative about how they meet, read and socialize over books.”

Washington Awash In Shakespeare

“As conceived by the Kennedy Center President Michael M. Kaiser and curated by Kahn, the six-month festival is one of the most lavish explorations this nation has seen of Shakespeare and his impact on the arts. The 60 participating organizations include theater, dance and opera companies, museums, universities and music ensembles, most of them homegrown but some from as far as St. Petersburg and Tel Aviv.”

Harvey Weinstein After Miramax

“For the last year he and his brother have been announcing deals almost as often as they have released films, arranging for theatrical, cable television, pay-per-view, video on demand and video-store distribution of their movies. They’ve invested in a MySpace-style social networking site for the rich and famous called, made a new publishing deal with Hachette Book Group, bought the tiny arts channel Ovation, set up a Latin American film distribution fund and partnered with Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, to make movies under a new urban label, Our Stories Films.”

Who Owns Your Dance When You’re Dead?

After the debacle over who owns Martha Graham’s dances, other choreographers have begun thinking about what will happen to their work when they die. Paul Taylor and Merce Cunnigham’s plans are “as much a reflection of their singular personalities as are their dances and the troupes each has molded for more than half a century. Mr. Cunningham has made at least 150 dances since founding his troupe in 1953; Mr. Taylor has composed 125 works for the company he created in 1954.”